KEMP Spider Straps 10-309


The Reflective 10 Point Straps are a favorite among EMS professionals for their ease of use. These spine board spider straps are made of heavy nylon are superior to other straps on the market. It also comes with its own carrying case. The reflective strip along the middle of it is great for use in dark areas. These are perfect when you need backboard spider straps. Fits all spineboards. They have velcro straps. Warranty is one year under normal use.

Colors: Yellow with Black and Neon Yellow reflective strip
Comes with a carrying case. Carrying case is yellow with reflective strip.

Quality Manufacture: Kemp USA

For outside the continental United States, orders take 2 weeks to be delivered and shipping price varies depending on the country, size and quantity. Please contact Lifeguard Master for a quote.