Emergency Blanket, Foil


This is the first aid emergency blanket. Made of foil. This emergency blanket has multi purposes:

for body warmth maintenance;
emergency shelter;
protection from the weather;
reflective distress signal;
and protective wrap for victims of fire, accidents, exposure and shock.

More features of the emergency blanket:

Aluminium non-stretch polyester reflects body heat back to the user
Stays flexible in freezing temperatures.
Lightweight and compact, it fits easily into first-aid kits, fanny packs, pockets, bags and glove compartments.
Windproof and waterproof.
Will not rot or mildew. Stays fresh and ready to use, always.

Dimensions: 56″ x 80″

Weight: 1.5 oz.

Quality Manufacture: Kemp

For outside the continental United States, orders take 2 weeks to be delivered and shipping price varies depending on the country, size and quantity. Please contact Lifeguard Master for a quote.


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