The AMBU line of BVMs is the only resuscitator that is made from a SEBS material instead of PVC. This classifies the AMBU BVM as environmentally safe and fully disposable, thus eliminating all risks of cross contamination. Simple is good, but simpler is better. The crystal-clear valve housing provides an unimpeded view of the valve operation, and the slim design makes it easier to view the mask. The AMBU BVM provides users with exceptional tactile and visual feedback during resuscitation. The bag is highly responsive, with minimal mechanical resistance—some even says it’s a natural extension of the hand. The convenient handle makes it easier to hold the unit and to ventilate a patient with just one hand, if necessary. The characteristic design provides optimum stroke volume with perfect recoil, yet is smaller and lighter than most other disposable units.We have 3 types of BVM masks. All these masks come complete with a reservoir bag and 02 tubing. This masks have a transparent bag with positive textured grip and sensitive response. All masks are latex free.

SKU #10-507-ADULT

SKU #10-508-INFANT


Quality Manufacture: Kemp

For outside the continental United States, orders take 2 weeks to be delivered and shipping price varies depending on the country, size and quantity. Please contact Lifeguard Master for a quote.

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ADULT 10-507, INFANT 10-508, PEDIACTRIC 10-509


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