Lifeguard Chairs

We have the best pricing on lifeguard chairs on the market. These chairs are great to use on beach and lake fronts, as well as around a swimming pool. If your looking through our lifeguard chairs, take an extra minute to check out our lifeguard umbrellas, which fit all of the lifeguard chairs featured here. We also offer lifeguard wheels, to attach to your chair for easier mobility.
Offered here is a variety of different chair heights. These are the highest quality chairs, stands, and towers on the market today. Several of our chairs are environmentally friendly, and are made from recycled material. The materials used are strong, and will withstand mega amounts of wear and tear. These seats are maintance free, and will never peel or chip, never rust, or need repainting.
Our lifeguard chairs have a long life. These chairs last from 10 to 20 years. There are chairs in the water now that have lasted 20 years. The manufacturer has a 1 year full warranty on all of these chairs, but with the great quality these chairs are made with, you won’t have to use it.
We have a great stock of lifeguard supplies as well. We offer lifeguard whistles, including the FOX 40 rescue whistle, fanny packs, CPR masks and manikins, first aid kits, trauma bags, bullhorns, and diving bricks and rings.
Our standard delivery time for everything on this page is 7 business days.Our years of experience, and are determination to provide only the best, has made us the most popular lifeguard clothing and equipment store on the web today.
Where do we deliver to? Everywhere. We deliver to every state and every city in the US. Delivery time is just 7 business days. Big or small cities, no matter where you are in the US, your package will arrive in 7 business days.
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