My name is Casey L… Today I received my X large red Life Guard Hoodie. It was perfect.

The Hoodie is my reward for when I go back to Asia to finish up school to become a Open Water Scuba Instructor. I can’t wear it until then. I worked as and taught life guarding in High School and I excelled during my Rescue Certification, so I thought I would give myself something to remind me of where I started and why I love the water.

Thanks very much again,

Maria G

I have to let you know I’m amazed! I received the t-shirts the day after I ordered them off of the internet. Thank you so much for efficiency.

Alix A

Hi, Yes! That’s the good address.
Thank You A Lot. I like the sweatshirt and the long sleeve shirt. (In quebec city the life guard shirts are ugly). I’m glad I found you’re website.

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