Most lifeguards work or train in swimming pools across the world, and we all know the amount of upkeep, equipment, supplies, and gear needed to keep these swimming pools clean, or to train in them. On this page you will find a variety of pool supplies and accessories. We offer products and supplies that will make your swim or training session better, and more fun.
To make sure your pool is at its cleanest, healthiest level, we offer chlorine test kits. Make sure your pool has the perfect balance of chemicals at all times. We carry pool brushes and skimmers, so you can keep your pool clean of algae and other debris.
For those training sessions, we offer stop watches and pace clocks to improve your time. We also offer swim barbells and kickboards to improve your swimming technique and strength, and even a swimming pool lane kit.
For pool safety, we offer a wide range of warning signs, to alert swimmers of the dangers of swimming in certain areas when there isn’t a Guard around to watch over them. Check out all of our swimming pool products, and we are sure you will find something you need.